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World Day of Prayer: “ecumenical sisterhood” in hundreds of cities. Spirituality and solidarity

Since 1927, the World Day of Prayer, an ecumenical initiative born of and supported by women of different Christian confessions, has been celebrated the first Friday in March. “Those who take in a child will take in me” is the theme of the 2016’s Day of Prayer, to coincide with the “24 hours for the Lord”. The evening of March 4th, an ecumenical prayer will be held in the Lutheran Church of Peter and Paul, in Moscow. In Austria, according to katholisch.at, initiatives of prayers have been planned in over 400 communities, at the initiative of some Christian women’s organisations. Ecumenical Switzerland too has taken action with an equally tight schedule of events. So will the UK, France and each one of the 170 countries across the world that join the initiative. This year’s praying pattern has been prepared in Cuba, and, as usual, it looks closely at the painful situation experienced by women in the selected country to prepare the prayer. Funds will be raised with each celebration, but the decision about which outreach project to allocate such funds to will be up to each community. “Taking part in responsible initiatives” is actually the guiding principle of the initiative, ranging from a creative use of one’s personal talents, in a spirit of “ecumenical sisterhood” that must be “inclusive” and “sympathetic with the multi-religious setting”, as explained by the 2012’s guidelines to ensure unity in difference for the many communities that join the initiative.

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