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Poland: celebrations for the 1050th anniversary of the country’s “christening”. Senate: the symbolic beginning of the nation

“Christian baptism has brought Poland into the circle of Western civilisation, giving it full sovereignty”, states the resolution of the Polish Senate, approved to coincide with the 1050th anniversary of the Christianisation of the country, which took place with the christening of Duke Mieszko I in 966. The system of Christian values, the document says, “has thus become and still is the foundation of the choices made by the Poles, indefatigably serving the country and the State”. By reconfirming the year 966 as “the symbolic beginning of the history of the Polish people”, the Senators emphasise “the aspiration of all Poles to have a country of their own, an independent country”, and find that “the conversion to Christianity was the completion of the process of establishment of the Polish State, in its ideal and ethical dimension”. The resolution urges all institutions and all citizens to take part in the celebrations of the Jubilee of 1050 and “to go back to the origins of the Polish civilisation”. The key celebrations for the anniversary, due in mid-April in Lednica and Gniezno, Poland’s first capital city, will be preceded among other things by a series of special programmes on the public radio “specifically focussed on such historical event”, as the radio recently announced.

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