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Poland: WYD2016, 15 thousand white chasubles ready for the final Mass

For Pope Francis’ liturgy at Cracow WYD2016, 15 thousand chasubles are being prepared which at the end of the end of service will be left as souvenirs to the co-celebrating prelates. The head of the Liturgical Office of next July’s meeting, don Stanislaw Mieszczak, reveals that the chasubles will be white in colour, as is expected for big events. “The design of the chasuble which has been specially made for the WYD will emphasise the solemnity of the event”, says Mieszczak, who is not willing to say more. “The chasubles will be given to the officiating prelates before the final Mass on Sunday 31st July and only then will people be able to see it”. In addition, the news has been recently heard that about one hundred paintings of Our Lady of Mercy will be displayed at the national Museum of Cracow in partnership with Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II. The exhibition is advertised by Lorenzo di Credi’s famous painting, “Madonna del Latte”, from Pinacoteca Vaticana.

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