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Latvia: contest for children and teenagers, “God is merciful”. Registrations open now

The Institute of Religious Science of Riga, in partnership with the Latvian association of Christian teachers and the catechistic centre, launched the contest “God is merciful” for young generations of any Christian Church. “In the year in which the Catholic Church celebrates God’s mercy”, the inventors of the contest explain, “we are especially called to meet God as a loving father, to let ourselves be forgiven, to accept the gifts of God’s grace, and to preach the Gospel with fresh enthusiasm”. “The aim of the initiative”, the website of the Latvian Catholic Church says, “is to encourage children and teenagers to consider and reflect on the works of mercy that happen everyday and that make our lives closer to and more inspired by God’s goodness”. The younger ones (7-12 years old) are asked to prepare a drawing with a very short caption, ether on their own or as a group. Children aged 12-16 shall portray works of mercy as photographs, also with a short explanation. The deadline to register for the contest is 22nd February; the projects shall be sent in by 5th April. The winners will be announced at a final event, at the Andrew Upisa high school in Skrīveru, where all projects will be displayed, on 23rd April. This will be followed by Mass in the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace.

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