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Brexit: surveys on “yes” to referendum. Longley (Bbc), “But in the end the British will decide to stay in Europe”

(London) – Brexit a possibility, actually, almost certain. According to the latest British surveys, the majority of citizens would leave Europe if they could vote now. The daily paper “Times”, in publishing Yougov’s figures, sets at 45% the vote for getting out of the EU, 36% against, and 19% not voting or unsure. Yet, the Catholic BBC commentator Clifford Longley says he is sure that, at the forthcoming referendum, in June or September, the majority of the British isles’ citizens will vote for Europe. “Public opinion is changeable. Right now, they are voicing what they think about the reforms that Cameron got from the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, and thinks the Prime Minister failed, because he had promised dramatic change for the European Union, but, when they get to actually voting, there will be a wide ‘yes’ to Europe”. Clifford Longley is sure that, at the European summit of 18th and 19th February, Cameron will get the other European partners to support the set of reforms agreed upon with Tusk, so he can hold the referendum. “The Eastern European countries do not want Great Britain to leave Europe, because they do not want a hegemonic Germany, so they will grant Cameron the notorious ‘emergency brake’, which will let him stop subsidising migrants from Europe in some special circumstances. I should say, though, that, bureaucratically, such changes to the British welfare state sound extremely difficult to implement, to me”.

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