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Slovakia: bishops, “family is the first victim of working sundays”

(Bratislava) “We need to realize that the family is the first victim when the difference between ordinary working days and Sunday is erased”, the members of the Bishops’ Conference of Slovakia write in their pastoral letter for this year’s Advent period. They point to the fact that Sunday should be celebrated as a day of rest for people to spend time and nourish their relationship with God, and that the liberal approach of society to working Sundays has a negative influence on family life. “When there is no time to pay attention to interpersonal relations, the family community is at risk, not to mention the fact that continuous stressful work without any rest has an impact on health and is less effective”, the prelates warn. They turn to all faithful and people of good will to support work-free Sundays to have “more happy and satisfied people” in our society. “Let us appeal together to politicians, local municipalities and entrepreneurs, so that they do not send mothers and fathers to work on Sunday. And let us not forget that we – as Catholics – have to be the first ones to set the example”, the pastoral letter concludes.

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