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The Netherlands: Cordaid (Catholic organisation), campaign for Africa “Stop unnecessary deaths”

Almost €200,000 has been raised in the Netherlands in just five days by the Dutch Catholic development aid organisation Cordaid through the campaign “Stop unnecessary deaths!”. “In African countries, 6 million young people each year die from easily treatable diseases” such as flu or diarrhoea, explain the organisers. The money raised will go to projects in Uganda, the Congo, Burundi, Cameroon and Zimbabwe “in cooperation with local partners to improve healthcare”. “Do you know how much is a box of paracetamol in Uganda? Nearly 1/5 of a daily salary” warns one of the ads of the campaign, which was carried out in cooperation with two Dutch broadcasters, Rtl Boulevard and StukTv . The videos shot in Uganda by famous presenters from the two broadcasters were disseminated through social media. “Our videos of the campaign were watched over 336,000 times. The funds were collected through some 78,000 text messages and online donations”. In accordance with Cordaid’s modus operandi, the money will be given to doctors and healthcare centres showing improvements in their work, in line with previously agreed targets. The campaign is still open as well as all fundraising channels.

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