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Latvia: Latvian translation of the documents of the Second Vatican Council. Presented in St James’s Cathedral

On Saturday 10th December, St James’s Cathedral in Riga (Latvia) will host the official presentation of the Latvian translation of the documents of the Second Vatican Council. This has been posted on the website of the archdiocese of Riga, which describes the way the Latvian translation began just after the Council, when the then bishop Julijans Vaivods, back from Rome, gave a few texts to one of the sisters of the Poor Child Jesus, for her to translate them. Others were made by Riga’s seminarians in the Nineties. The translation that is out now began to be worked at in 2012 with the help of the archbishop of Riga, metropolitan Zbigniew Stankevicius. The book, published by Vox Ecclesiae and directed by Žanete Narkēviča, is made up of over one thousand pages, and the Council’s document are published in parallel with the Latin version. So, they will be easier to use, and there is a chance the documents “will be available to people who just want to learn more about the lessons of the Catholic Church, as well as people who are studying theology” and want to find out more about the texts, explained Narkēviča. The book opens with the story of the Second Vatican Council (written by father Pauls Kļaviņš), and every document is introduced by a brief foreword, to “help understand the main idea behind the text”.



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