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Wucwo: Bari, international meeting of Catholic women. Ruggeri, “Pope Francis’ words spur us”

In presenting the event, the president of Wucwo, Maria Giovanna Ruggeri, adds (for a programme and more info, visit: http://www.wucwo.org/): “A further key element is our confidence in a possible peace, not least through such events. We want to learn to build bridges together, we want to experience the culture of acceptance and dialogue to become agents of peace, all of us, for a world in which men and women give priority to peaceful arguments that reach the institutions at all levels, from local to global ones”. Ruggeri adds: “The Holy Father’s words and deeds spur us out of indifference and to find ways to peace, meekly and bravely. He says: ‘Now, the world is ardently thirsty for peace’. So we believe that our way is to plunge into situations and give pride of place to the suffering ones. In addition, we must take conflict on and cure it from within, consistently go the way of peace while rejecting the shortcuts of evil”. The Special Jubilee of Mercy “involves all of us – the president of Wucwo concludes – and urges us to add our piece to the big mosaic of peace, for all mankind”.

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