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Germany: card. Woelki (Cologne), “defending women’s dignity”. Protestants and Muslims condemn abuses

The archbishop of Cologne, cardinal Rainer Woelki, reminded the faithful of their duty to fight for human dignity when faced with the events that happened on New Year’s Eve in the city’s cathedral square. “Where there are defenceless people, God resists and wants us too to face excess and defend dignity, and, faced with the defenceless women who were celebrating New Year’s Eve and were attacked by hordes of predators, in this case we must defend women’s dignity”, the cardinal said, as reported by katholisch.de. The Muslim communities of Germany censored the events too: “There’s the risk citizens feel supported in their resentment toward refugees and people coming from different cultures because of the attacks”, the president of the Turkish community of Germany, Gökay Sofuoglu, said. And while ”refugees cannot be victims of general suspicion”, according to Sofuoglu, “these despicable attacks against women must be condemned”. Bishops Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, president of the Council of the Protestant Church, warns against a general mistrust of refugees: “It would be like saying that the far-right football hooligans who devastated the central station of Cologne are just like the other 80 million Germans”.

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