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Brexit: Hulsman (political commentator) believes “Great Britain will leave the EU”

Great Britain will leave the European Union. This is the belief of John Hulsman, an expert in international politics and president of the international business consulting company “John C. Hulsman Enterprises”. “The campaign in support of Brexit is gaining favour”, Hulsman explains to SIR. “And I find it difficult to imagine Cameron will get from his negotiations with the other European leaders a package that can persuade the Conservative tabloids, UK’s most popular papers, into fighting for voting yes at the referendum”. According to Hulsman, Cameron’s negotiations are a “fudge”, a messy affair, that will not lead to any substantial change in the European Union. “Liberalising the common market? Many Europeans agree on that. Preventing Great Britain being involved in a stronger European political Union? Everybody knows that Great Britain does not want it. Giving national parliaments more influence? Very many Europeans already want that”, the expert says. “Only stopping subsidies to migrants is a problem, because it breaches the European non-discrimination laws”. “For the British, Europe has always been a non-emotional contractual matter as it was for the first six countries that founded the European common market, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, for which the Union was a way to leave the ashes of the Second World War behind”, Hulsman continues. “We’ll only take part in it, if it is advantageous to us”, this is what “the UK citizens think”.

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