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Slovakia: new guide to teach children about historical and ecclesial monuments

(Bratislava) A unique guide for children has been published by the Diocesan Museum in Brno with the aim to engage children in playful activities around the historical monuments of the city, especially the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, so that they can get to know them. “Through the comic story of little Peter and Miriam, who discover the treasures of history, children are presented with historical and religious facts in a way that is not boring. Their first response tells us that it was the right thing to do”, explain the authors of the project. The guide is only one of the ways the Museum pays attention to children. “The offer of our institution has been enriched by seven educational programs with the participation of almost 750 pupils so far”, says Vaclav Lunga, deputy director of the Museum. Children seem to be interested also in our new program “Window to heaven” focusing on their painting and drawing skills. The initiators of the project believe that “one thing is to present historical ecclesial monuments and their spiritual value to adults and another thing is to present them to the youngest generation. If we want children to cherish them when they grow up, we need to inspire them and explain things so that they start to fully understand and preserve them”.

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