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EU: EU institutions discuss migration, exceptions to Schengen, security and Brexit

(Strasbourg) A “hot” week for the European institutions that will be have meetings in Strasbourg from today to Thursday 21st January for the first plenary session of the European Parliament. The MEPs, with their president Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Council Donald Tusk, the Dutch presidency on duty and Luxembourg’s earlier presidency, will be attending too. A debate will take place between the EU Assembly and presidents Tusk and Juncker on Tuesday 19th January about migration and new borders in the European Union, terrorism and international instability, and the English referendum (Brexit). The MEPs “will address the main issues tackled by the heads of State and Governments” at the December summit and in the run-up to the next two summits, in February and March, about “how to deal with migratory pressures, exceptions to Schengen, and the member states’ response to the recent proposal to create a sort of European coast and border guard”. The EU Parliament’s press office adds: “The fight against terrorism and Great Britain’s demand for reforms in the run-up to the referendum will be most likely discussed too during the debate”. Other items on the week’s agenda include the rule of law and restrictions on freedom of the press in Poland, the priorities of Holland’s six-month presidency, the “mutual defence clause” demanded after the Paris attacks, the state of politics and war in Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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