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Czech Republic: conclusion of diocesan phase of beatification of priests murdered by communist regime

Jan Bula e Vaclav Drbola

(Bratislava) – The diocesan phase of the beatification process of two servants of God, priests Jan Bula and Vaclav Drbola, brutally tortured and executed by the communist regime for their faith in the 20th century, has been concluded. The priests, both innocent, were accused and charged in connection with a murder case in the village of Babice. The case was misused in an anti-religious legal trial aimed at discrediting and liquidating them because of their Catholic faith. The false accusations, which were aimed at threatening the clergy, led to the punishment of dozens of people who were “uncomfortable” with the communist regime, and caused a wave of fear among citizens. According to witnesses and historians, Fathers Bula and Drbola showed unshakable faith and moral courage in the critical circumstances leading to their death, leaving the example of martyrdom, inspiring strength in their contemporaries as well as in the following generations. “I am glad that I remained a servant of God until the very end, leaving this world in peace”, wrote Fr. Bula in one of his last letters. Over the following months, the conclusions of the diocesan phase of the beatification process will be subject to examination by the Vatican authorities in charge.

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