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Croatia: Laudato TV, a new Catholic digital TV supported by the US and German Churches

A new Catholic digital TV, Laudato Tv (Ltv), started to broadcast in Croatia on 29th December 2015, in the attempt to show “the life of all the organisations and members of the Catholic Church, the sacramental life of the congregation, the work of priests, religious people, ecclesial movements and associations, Caritas agencies, Catholic universities and schools, family life”. Supported by the Bishops Conference and the Union of Major Superiors, the TV received its first funds from the US Bishops Conference and the German Agency “Kirche in Not”, then funds and subsidies from private people, as reported by Ksenia Abramovich, director of Ltv. With special emphasis on family life, it wants to “help strengthen Christian, moral, national values”, the website laudato.tv says. The daily schedule, which consists of a set of programmes that are run three times each, includes “one minute for yourself”, comments on the Gospel, “Catholic calendar”, foreign films or telefilms with subtitles, such as the Italian Don Matteo, news from Vatican City and from Christians around the world. The weekly schedule includes the programmes “Opinions” about topical issues and “The Divine Comedy” with questions about meaning. “We want to see things through the eyes of the heart and the Catholic faith, it is a TV for a better future, and our motto is: true, beautiful and good”, Abramovich explained.

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