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Poland: mgr. Pieronek about political situation, rulers “deaf to people’s voice”

“What is happening in Poland nowadays is denying the rule of law”: this has been stated by monsignor Tadeusz Pieronek, formerly general secretary of the Polish Bishops Conference, speaking of the current political situation, where the ruling majority party Law and Justice (PiS), led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, is changing the country “with inacceptable methods” and making changes “forcibly and against other people’s will”. The prelate criticises rulers as “deaf to people’s voice” and points out that, “whoever is ruling, they have a duty to act according to the applicable democratic rules”. Even if PiS is the majority party in Parliament, “its mandate cannot breach the applicable law”, says mgr. Pieronek, who points out that “in two days’ time you cannot make changes that would take months if you complied with the law”. “While for someone having won the election is a special circumstance that warrants making very quick changes enforced in the depth of night, it means they want to make a revolution, and this would be no good for Poland”, states the prelate, who adds: “Voters have chosen a set of changes for the good, not a revolution that will result in social divisions”.

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