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Czech Republic: Epiphany Collection in progress in catholic parishes

(Bratislava) – “Support us financially in helping those who cannot live without our help”. This is the motto of this year’s edition of the Epiphany Collection currently in progress until 14 January in all dioceses of the Czech Republic. The project of the Catholic Church is a long-time tradition and represents one of the biggest social and charitable projects in the country. Every year, there are several special projects from various regions chosen by the Commission of the Epiphany Collection to receive large amounts of money for their development. This year, for example, the financial support will go to the stationary facility Rosa, helping people suffering from mental illnesses in Bystrice nad Pernstejnem; to institutions working with children at risk of social exclusion (mainly from the Roma ethnic minority) in Sluknov; and to a Czech hospital in Uganda run by the Archdiocesan office of Caritas in Prague. “We want to support those who are unable to help themselves for various reasons – be they too old, ill, disabled, or face unbearable and critical social situations”, explains Lukas Curylo, director of Caritas Czech Republic. The money is raised by Christmas carollers who visit households and institutions in all Catholic parishes, but the campaign is strongly supported by people of good will, regardless of their religious belief. Last year, the money raised reached € 3.3 million. For more information: www.trikralovasbirka.cz.

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