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Slovakia: motto of National Marriage Week 2016 announced

(Bratislava) – “Recipe for a good marriage” – this is the motto of the National Marriage Week (NMW) in Slovakia, due to be held on 8-14 February 2016. “We want to encourage you to be active and we would like to express that we really appreciate the idea of organizing interesting activities and projects for married couples in your neighbourhood”, says Vlado Sochor, initiator of NMW, hoping that the fifth edition of this successful campaign will represent an occasion for all Slovak husbands and wives to enliven their relationship and confirm their decision to face all difficulties and hardships together. “National Marriage Week is not about perfect marriages. It offers a space for all of us to stop and recall the reasons why we have entered this sacred union, to renew our romance, or do something nice for our partner”, explains Renata Sochorova. The Marriage Week was held for the first time in England almost two decades ago, upon the initiative of Mary and Richard Cane. Today, the campaign is organized at national level in dozens of countries around the world. Although the project officially has a strong civil dimension, many Christian couples usually join in and give it a special flavour of faith and love for God as one of the crucial pillars of marriage. For more information:

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