(Sir Europe – Bratislava) – Mons. Jan Baxant, bishop of Litomerice and president of the Council for Healthcare of the Czech Bishops’ Conference, has issued an official statement regarding prospective registration of the abortion pill RU-486 in Czech Republic. "I want to emphasize that RU-486 is an abortive instrument, not a contraceptive pill, and it leads to the expulsion of the foetus", writes bishop Baxant, explaining that from a Christian point of view, its use is "ethically unacceptable". "I pray to the Lord to guide all those who are going to make decisions regarding its official registration and I support all those who promote a pro-life attitude", reads the statement. There was an attempt to register RU-486 in the country in 2005 but the process was stopped due to a petition signed by more than 50,000 people and submitted to the Ministry of Healthcare. Recently, the media have published information about the illegal sale of the tablet via internet both in Czech Republic and Slovakia, the matter has been submitted to the competent authorities. Currently it is subject to investigation by the police.

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