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EU Parliament: AFCO committee votes seat distribution. France and Spain “rewarded”, Italy penalised?

(Brussels) EU Parliament seat distribution shall follow the provisions of article 14 of the European Union Treaty. “Those provisions are about the size of the European Parliament; the highest and lowest numbers of seats given to each member state; and seat assignment based on the principle of degressive proportionality”, that is, based on national population. At present, the Treaty says that the seats should be “750, plus the president”, that is, 751. The report proposes seats elected by states going down to 705 (27 of which re-assigned by slightly increasing the percentage of some countries). The 46 seats left might be assigned through elections in May 2019, with transnational lists (30?), while the remaining ones might be frozen for the time being, with a view to any future members. In the proposal formulated in the report, out of 27 re-assigned seats, France and Spain would be the most “rewarded” countries, getting 5 seats each; Italy would get 3 seats only, like Netherlands (whose population is one fourth of the Italian one). Ireland would get 2 more seats. Finally, Denmark, Estonia, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Finland, and Sweden would get one more seat.

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