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Environment: European Green Week about eco-industries and “sustainable” jobs starting today

(Brussels) “It’s easy to see green jobs as a protection of eco-industries. Employment in this area has actually grown by 20% since 2000 and currently offers 4.2 million jobs. But the rising importance of sustainability has by now impacted all industries. Many industries have realised that investing in efficient resources, in energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste and water management, makes them really save money, making them less dependent on raw materials and imports”. This is one of the starting assumptions that have led to the European Commission’s Green Week, the most important yearly event in the European environmental calendar, which in 2017 is all about green jobs. In Brussels and all over Europe, from now to June 2nd, the planned events “will be focused on new, innovative green skills and requisite training to create a circular economy”. To find out more about this subject and the events planned in the 28 member states: https://www.eugreenweek.eu/.

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