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Pope Francis: at Migration and Peace Forum, “one group of individuals cannot control half of the world’s resources”, with “entire peoples” gathering “the crumbs”

“One group of individuals cannot control half of the world’s resources. We cannot allow for persons and entire peoples to have a right only to gather the remaining crumbs”. Pope Francis made this heartfelt appeal in the final part of his address to the participants in the Forum on Migration and Peace. “No one can be exempted or dispensed from the moral imperatives which flow from a joint responsibility to care for the planet, a shared responsibility often stressed by the political international community, and also by the Magisterium”, Pope Francis pointed out, explaining that such “responsibility must be interpreted in accord with the principle of subsidiarity, which grants freedom to develop the capabilities present at every level of society, while also demanding a greater sense of responsibility for the common good from those who wield greater power”. “Ensuring justice – the Pope went on to explain – means also reconciling history with our present globalized situation, without perpetuating mindsets which exploit people and places, a consequence of the most cynical use of the market in order to increase the wellbeing of the few”. Pope Francis then cited Benedict XVI recalling that “the process of decolonization was delayed both because of new forms of colonialism and continued dependence on old and new foreign powers, and because of grave irresponsibility within the very countries that have achieved independence”. “For all this there must be redress”, he said, it is “a duty of justice”: “We can no longer sustain unacceptable economic inequality, which prevents us from applying the principle of the universal destination of the earth’s goods. We are all called to undertake processes of apportionment which are respectful, responsible and inspired by the precepts of distributive justice”.




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